Cuba (The Betrayal Game), 2010
by David L. Robbins on July 30th, 2014

This novel took me to Cuba for six weeks. Two of my good and trusted friends, Mike and Daniel, went with me, and we had some adventures best left between the three of us. I will relate a few items, though: 1) I smoked five cigars a day, fresh from the Montecristo factory; 2) one warm eve at our grand Havana Hotel, after watching a wonderful performance by the famous Buena Vista Social Club, Danile ordered bottles of rum for the whole band, drank one himself, then went to bed before paying the bill, and Mike and I signed it to his room - he still doesn't know; and 3) Mike and I scuba dived in the Bay of Pigs. A great and memorable trip, and the sort of locale a writer cannot imagine but must see firsthand.

Mike, Dan and I drinking with the BVSC. I think I bought this round. It looks early in the evening. 

The world's greatest performers of Afro-Cuban jazz. 

Outside Finca Viga, Hemingway's Havana estate. A pilgrimage for any writer. 

Jogging along the Malacon. The waves strike the seawall and go twenty feet in the air. 

My boy, Captain Mike Beach, chillin' Havana style. 

My other boy Mac Daddy, in Papa's favorite bar, La Floridita. Papa looks to be a few ahead of us. 

‚ÄčThe Cuba team, standing next to Pilar, Hemingway's famed fishing boat. 

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